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Paddleboard Yoga or SUP Basics Classes

Wellness Retreat 
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
March 8~15, 2025


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Enjoy a brief paddle to a beautiful location with a Vinyasa flow adapted to your board. Rental & all you need included except dry bag for phone if you so choose.

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A lovely evening of SUP yoga amongst the lotuses. It was a fun session! Float Yoga is excellent!


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About Float SUP Yoga + Paddle

Float SUP Yoga was founded by a Certified Personal Trainer & water lover, who grew up sailing with her dad on the Great Lakes & kayaking a beautiful Ohio lake as a teenager.  She then lived on the Pacific Ocean as an adult.  A ballet dancer as a child growing up in a family of yogis, teaching SUP Yoga & sharing the love of a physical and meditative practice on the water is the perfect path for her.  SUP Yoga fuses the healing elements of nature + the regenerative, fun qualities of yoga.  

As a teacher certified through the world leader in this beautiful, liberating practice, SUP Yoga Center, she has received excellent training.  We, at FLOAT, hope to instill the peace, enjoyment and empowerment in all of you as you come out and practice with us.  

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